Multifunctional MMIC Products modeling technology

Mar 03, 2021

For MMIC design, the cost of repetitive design is very expensive. Therefore, the process of device modeling and simulation is very important. The device model established by CAD technology is a key factor that affects the accuracy of circuit design. The larger the circuit scale, the higher the index and the operating frequency band, the higher the accuracy requirements for the device model.

Accurate semiconductor device models play a very important role in improving the yield of microwave and millimeter wave Multifunctional MMIC Products and shortening the development cycle. As the MMIC manufacturing technology is still under continuous development, the processes of different process lines are different, so the model libraries on different processes are not the same, so a specific MMIC model library must be established for a specific process.

For the passive device model, due to the relatively mature electromagnetic field theory analysis, the model establishment is relatively simple, but the establishment of the inductance model is a difficult point, because the inductance needs to consider the existence and influence of self-inductance, mutual inductance and parasitic effects, and the circuit layout, schematic diagram and actual measurement The fit between values ​​is also difficult.

For active devices, it is necessary to establish accurate small-signal and large-signal models, and for low-noise circuits (such as low-noise amplifiers and oscillators), noise models must also be established. The linear small-signal equivalent circuit model can accurately predict the small-signal S-parameters, but it cannot reflect the power and harmonic characteristics of the large-signal. Therefore, for nonlinear devices such as power amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators, it is necessary to build microwave nonlinear devices model.

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