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40GHz MMIC Digital Attenuator supports ATE Fading Simulation

Milliway announces design and sales support for the API Weinschel 4209 series of digital attenuators. Interfacing with popular, high frequency test equipment, the 4209-31.5-1 is equipped with 2.92mm Female connectors while the 4209-31.5-2 offers 2.4mm Female connectors. Both...
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Replace the inverter with an image rejection mixer

IIn the signal system, the image rejection mixer can effectively suppress the image frequency, improve the anti-interference ability of the system, and at the same time effectively recover the image frequency energy and improve the work efficiency. Based on the introduction ...
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What is the mixing diode

The mixing diode is a Schottky barrier diode. Compared with the general diode, it has the characteristics of high frequency, low noise and small reverse current due to the use of majority carriers and no minority carrier storage effect. Mainly used for mixers.The mixing diod...
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Control MMIC Products

Microsemi's Package Miniaturization Services utilizes the Large Area Panel (LAP) - based Embedded Die technology to perform sub-system size reduction levels that cannot be achieved via standard chip-on-board technology. Microsemi's Embedded Die technology offers quality, rel...
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Differences between Rf power amplifier types

Differences between Rf power amplifier types

At first glance, there are many types of RF amplifiers, and it may be overwhelming to narrow the specifications of which RF power amplifier is most suitable. Most RF power amplifier types come from common transceivers, receivers, transmitters, radar and modulation circuits, ...
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