Milliway Microelectronics Co. Ltd, which was founded since 2012, is an innovative DC to 110GHz MMIC designer and manufacturer Chinese Private Company.  Main Products include low noise amplifier, power amplifier, mixer, multiplier, switch, attenuator, divider, multifunctional chips and other analog ICs, and subsystems product.  Main Market focus on Telecom, Satcom, Instrument, Sensors, Security inspection and other Civilian growing market. 

With clear vision - To be Tier 1 Fabless MMIC Provider, Miliway Founding team are from top chipset companies of US, IEEE Fellow and Chinese National Millimeter Wave laboratory, And relies our strong technical reserve and rich management experience, we are committed to providing our customers with One-stop, Full-Spectrum, Full-category highly integrated and high-performance RF/Mw/mm-Wave front-end MMIC chips & modules solutions.

Company Strength

One-stop, Full-Spectrum, Full-category MMIC chips & modules solutions
*150+ Shelves MMIC products, 20 Product lines, DC-110Ghz;
*High frequency and high power synthesis Technology bridge the MMIC industry gaps;
*Ultra Wide Band and multi-process (SiGe, GaAs, GaN, CMOS) MMIC design capabilities
*Industry standardized I/O for easy chip replacement

Highly integrated MMICs and SOC
*Customized service for system/sub-system MMIC and SOC designs
*Optimized front-end solutions with lower cost, smaller size and better performances
*Enable our customers positioned with cutting-edge technologies and competitive advantages

Tier 1 Design Concept and Delivery Services
*World-leading design method and customized on-time design service
*Decades of MMIC R&D and application experiences
*Proprietary intellectual property of innovative technologies and products
*Rigorous product development processes and quality control
*Flexible global foundry choices optimized for best performance/cost needs