Milliway product portfolio includes highly integrated front-end modules that cover the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) bands from 169 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Our products can include power amplifiers, LNAs and switches and have a range of power capabilities. They support a large variety of possible applications including smart devices, home automation, monitoring and more.
*24Ghz, 77Ghz Radar Sensor module;
*Industrial, Scientific & Medical
*Demand and mesh networks
*Commercial building monitoring


Milliway offers high-performance components that support satellite communications up through Ku and Ka-band for both uplink and downlink systems. With a portfolio that spans RF functionality and showcases high reliability, Milliway is the premier partner in helping develop next-generation CUSTOMIZED satcom solutions.
*Up and downlinks for satellite communications
*Microwave radio links
*VSAT communication


Milliway offers a highly integrated MMIC product portfolio with full-Spectrum, full-category for telecom industry, and we provide the technology of today and the capabilities of tomorrow, bridging possibility and beyond for customer.
*Point-to-point microwave radio communication
*Point-to-multipoint microwave radio communication
*5G Massive MIMO
*5G Millimeter wave Beamformer